Trenton Farmers' Market

Now in our 12th season.
6/18/16 through 10/8/16

Located on the Village Green in Holland Patent, NY            

Crafters Days at Trenton Farmers Market

During the last two market Saturdays, October 1 & 8, Trenton Farmers Market is featuring local craftspeople and encouraging everyone to get some Christmas shopping done while so many unique and handmade items are available right in Holland Patent.  This is a producer-only market, so shoppers know they are getting locally made products and that their purchases help the local economy.

Gift shoppers can find maple syrup, honey, beaded jewelry, fair trade coffee, fabric and wood crafts, decorative soaps, alpaca socks, hats and boot warmers. 

Hungry shoppers will find baked goods and coffee at Colinda’s;  hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soda at Mark Semeraro’s hot dog cart;  homemade pies at the Harvest Dawn booth; and other homemade treats by April.  Farm vendors will have the traditional fall vegetables and herbs, eggs, and cheese curds.  Many vegetables are available in larger quantities for freezing and canning.

We invite other local crafters to take advantage of this special market and join us on these two Saturdays.  To reserve a space call Bill at 315-525-7513 or email


We are a producer-only market, which means that everything sold is locally produced.  We average about 15 vendors every week.  New vendors always welcome.  

Welcome to Mark Semararo and his hot dog cart.  He sells breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, 
hamburgers, coffee, soda and...

The market is open every Saturday from mid-June to mid-October from 9:00-1:00.  
The Trenton Farmers Market is thriving and is now organized and administered through Foothills and our new co-managers Bill Hajdasz and Bonnie Churcher. Foothills is committed to maintaining a local opportunity to purchase fresh locally grown produce and to supporting our local growers.  
Market updates from our vendors can be viewed on our facebook page.
Find information for and about our vendors on the market website
FRCM is involved with the market in several ways:
1.         Coupons For five years the Foothills Rural Community Ministry has offered $5 coupons to their Food Pantry clients each month to use at the Trenton Farmers Market. We use the same guidelines as Food Stamps – for food purchases only, no change given.  We find this a win-win arrangement.  It provides a substantial income boost for the farmers, as well as providing fresh veggies and baked goods to pantry customers.  The farmers are very generous to pantry customers.   

2.         EBT machine Foothills volunteers operate an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) machine to enable customers to use their Food Stamp cards at the Farmers Market.  We are reimbursed by Efunds Corp. with an electronic transfer directly into our bank account.  There is a $10 monthly fee for the machine which is reimbursed by the Farmers Market Federation at the end of the year. Although usage increases as the season progresses, the total number of transactions remains low.  

3.         Food Sense  As long as we have volunteers at the market, we also take Food $ense orders and distribute information about the program every Saturday during the market season.    

We also bring in programs from Cooperative Extension and the Food Bank of CNY to teach our customers about good nutrition and the importance and preparation of fresh fruits and vegetables.  These and other state agencies provide various coupons to help low income families purchase market produce.