Back to School Project

    Starting the School Year Right

Foothills Rural Community Ministry will be collecting school supplies for students in the Holland Patent Central and Remsen School Districts, whose families are facing difficult financial circumstances.  

Some of the requested items are:

 •  Pencils-#2

•  Pens-black or blue ink

•  Erasers-pink

•  Erasers-pencil cap

•  Crayons-24 crayon pack

•  Colored Pencils

•  Dry Erasable Markers

•  Children’s scissors, mostly small blunt, but some pointed for 5th graders

•  Glue Sticks

•  Individual pencil sharpeners that hold shavings

•  Zippered pencil pouches that fit in notebooks

•  Loose-leaf 3 ring Notebooks (some call binders, but that is a confusing term) requests are for 1” green and 1” any color; 1 ½” any color, 2-2 ½” any color

•  3-ring Notebook Paper,  wide lines can be used in all schools

•  composition notebooks

•  5 subject spiral notebooks

•  Single-subject spiral notebooks

•  2 Pocket Folders—red, yellow, blue, green, and purple.  Teachers prefer plastic

•  Index dividers for 3-ring loose-leaf notebooks

•  Bookbags- large enough to hold a fold and notebook

 •  3”x 5” index cards                                                        


Foothills accepts donations throughout the year in our office.

We appreciate the people of the community helping us with this project by donating needed supplies.  FRCM will distribute these supplies to the Remsen Schools and the Holland Patent Central Schools the week before the school year begins.

These donated items help families who are struggling financially, by allowing them to use the money they would have used to purchase school supplies to buy food and pay for other necessities.  The proper school supplies help all the students start the school year with the tools they need for learning. 

As with so many of our seasonal projects, volunteers are shopping for bargains all year long.  You can help by picking up extra items as you see them on sale in stores. Thank you!

                   If you have any questions about this project, if you need more information, or if you have supplies that you would like to donate, please call the FRCM office 315-865-5854.