Christmas Baskets

Christmas Baskets sign-ups have started!

Please stop by during a pantry day or call the office 315-865-5854

Would you like to donate gifts?

Please call the office 315-865-5854

Dear Christmas Basket Families, 
This year has certainly been stressful, different, scary, uncertain, full of learning, praying, quarantining and mask wearing for everyone! We hope you have stayed healthy throughout.

Due to everything that has gone on in our lives, communities, andacross the wor, out Christmas Basket giving will look a little different this year.

Each family will receive the food basket and one toy or special gift for each child living with you, that is 17 years of age and younger. We will also be giving hats and mittens or gloves to those in need if they are available.

Unfortunately, we are not financially prepared to offer winter items (boots, snowpants, coats/jackets) or a gift of clothing this year. In advance, we apologizefor the need to downsize. We are uncertain if this is just for this year or if this will be our new norm.

However, it is still a blessing that our program can fun this year! We are most grateful for the volunteers and those individuals and businesses donating so we can continues sharing the love and support in the communities in which we live. Our goal is to make your Holidsy a but easier, less stressful and most of all, enjoyable.

As you pick up your basket at St. Leo's/St. Ann's Church Parking Lot, you will follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask.  You will be directed where to park (please follow the indidiual directing traffic).  You'll check in once parked (you can have ID our and ready). Your assistance is appreciated and in carrying your boxes/bags and losing your car. Please have an area inside your vehicle or trunk cleared and ready for loading.  Our goal is for pick up to run smoothly, be quick and get you on your way within a few minutes!

Please see the basket pick up time and day assigned to you. Baskets not picked up will be sent to the Foothills Food Bank on Tuesday, December 22nd and gifts will be stored for future use.

  • Pick up at St. Leo's/St.Ann's Church, 7939 Elm St. Holland Patent (across from Holland Patent Elementary School)
  • Do NOT call St. Leo's/St. Ann's Church-they have NO information
  • Clear spot in vehicle, park where directed, bring someone to help carry
  • If your phone number changes, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the Christmas Basket Line @ 315-865-5854 or 315-865-5558. Leave your name, number, your date of pick up and message. Your call will be returned in the order received. Please give 3 days for calls to be returned.
  • Again, this year, there will NOT be reminder calls. Mark your calendar, set a reminder on your phone, make a big note...whatever works!

                                                                                          Did you know?
The Christmas Basket Committee has an account at
 Cushman's Bottle and Can Redemption Center on Rte. 365 in Floyd. 
When you bring in cans and bottles you can tell them to apply the redemption to the 
Foothills Christmas Basket account. 
The money earned will help to buy food for the baskets. 
Thank you.
 This account will be active throughout the year

COMMITTEE:Sharon Firley, Bonnie Tuttle, Elaine Angwin, John Angwin, Candy Owen, Bill Owen, Pat Robinson, Bryan Rogowski, Joan Kotwica, Paul Kotwica,  Lorraine Pawson, Sonya Ellinger, Isabel Pierzynski, Mary Ann Doyle, Karen Pike-Roberts

Sign ups are during our Food Pantry days or call our office at 315-865-5854 for information or to                                    volunteer. 


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