Christmas Baskets

                      Thank You!

January, 2018


Dear Friends of Foothills Christmas Basket Project

his year, due to your wonderful support and generosity, we were able to give out  Christmas baskets to 1028 people of our community. We gave 198 baskets to families with children (a total of 498 children), and 71 baskets to 121 senior citizens and special-needs adults. Each basket contained nonperishable food items, various hygiene products (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent etc.), 10 pounds of potatoes, a bag of fruit (9 oranges & 6 apples) and meat (either a 16-20 lb turkey, 8-10 lb turkey breast or a large ham for the families and a small ham for the seniors and special-needs adults). The children of the families received two gifts each, one of clothing and one gift, as well as a small bag of candy. Many children also received winter clothing. A total of 167 jackets, 124 pairs of snow pants, and 242 pairs of boots were given out this year, thanks to your wonderful generosity. Most of the children received hats, mitts (many hand made by ladies in our community) and socks. Packages of diapers were given to the especially young members of the families! We also gave out 400 gift cards for milk from Stewarts, and 200 “Give Hope” food boxes from Hannaford.

          We can never thank you enough for all the fantastic help that you provide to these people of our immediate community every year.  God bless you and “Happy New Year”!

 Thank you and sincerely,

Lorraine Pawson, Sharon Firley & the entire

Christmas Basket Project Committee of Foothills Rural Community                                                                                                     

 COMMITTEE:Sharon Firley, Nancy Minogue, Bonnie Tuttle, Elaine Angwin, John Angwin, Candy Owen, Bill Owen, Pat Robinson, Bryan Rogowski,  Brandy Warren, Joan Kotwica, Bonnie Churcher, Kelly Merrill,  and Lorraine Pawson 

Sign ups are during our Food Pantry days or call our office at 315-865-5854 for information or to                                    volunteer.                                                                                                                      
 Did you know?
The Christmas Basket Committee has an account at
 Cushman's Bottle and Can Redemption Center on Rte. 365 in Floyd. 
When you bring in cans and bottles you can tell them to apply the redemption to the 
Foothills Christmas Basket account. 
The money earned will help to buy food for the baskets. 
Thank you.
 This account will be active throughout the year



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