Thrift Shop

The Country Corner Thrift Store
 The Monthly Bag Sale!
4 for 20 clothing items!
Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month!

Hours of Operation

Jan 6th, Saturday 9-1 *Bag Sale Day!*
Jan 13th, Saturday 9-1
Jan 20th, Saturday 9-1 *Bag Sale Day!*
Jan 25th, Thursday 9-1

Feb 7th, Saturday 9-1 *Bag Sale Day!*
Feb 10th, Saturday 9-1
Feb 17th, Saturday 9-1 *Bag Sale Day!*
Feb 22nd, Thursday 9-1
Now accepting Fall & Winter donations!

The Thrift Shop is a low cost variety shop.  Our mission is to support the Food Pantry with our earnings.  In these hard economic times we are here to help all families clothe their children and stretch their family budgets.
We accept donations when we are open..  You can call the office to make arrangements to drop off donations if you can not do so during our regular hours.  Please do not leave donations on the steps, especially  in the rain. 

Donating to the thrift shop not only helps our needy neighbors, it also keeps usable items out of the landfill.  And your donations stay in the local community!

 Volunteers are needed and welcome.  Talk to Denise about volunteering once a month for 2 or 4 hours.  Or email

We’d like to thank our friends in the community for their many donations throughout the year.  Your generosity is a special gift to our shop. 


Come see us!
We provide tax receipts for customers making donations.

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