Food Pantry

  Located in the Twin Churches in Holland Patent, NY

Feb 2nd, Saturday 9-1 *Thrift Shop Bag Sale Day*
Feb 6th, Wednesday 4-6
Feb 9th, Saturday 9-1*Thrift Shop Bag Sale Day*
Feb 16th, Saturday 9-1*Thrift Shop Bag Sale Day*
Feb 28th, Thursday 9-1

Mar 2nd, Saturday 9-1 *Thirft Shop Bag Sale Day*
Mar 6th, Wednesday 4-6 
Mar 9th, Saturday 9-1 *Thrift Shop Bag Sale Day*
Mar 16th, Saturday 9-1 *Thrift Shop Bag Sale Day*
Mar 28th, Thursday 9-1

First 3 Saturdays of the month 
First Wednesday of the  month 
Fourth Thursday of the  month 

The Foothills Food Pantry can help families and individuals in need. Here you will be met by a caring intake worker who will interview you to find out if you meet the income guidelines for your family size. At this time you may be referred to other agencies that could help, such as food stamps and heating assistance. You may visit the Food Pantry, where volunteers will help you choose groceries that are the equivalent of 3 meals per day for five days for each of your family members. The food is donated by churches, various groups, individuals, and food drives, as well as purchased at reasonable prices from the Food Bank of Central New York. The Foothills Food Pantry is a place where one who is facing difficult circumstances is treated with respect and given assistance in a private and dignified manner.

We are always looking for volunteers! 
 If you, or someone you know, has a few hours a month to volunteer, 
please call our office at 315-865-5854 for information.

Cheryl Edmiston leading the volunteer meeting.
       Cheryl Edmiston and some of the volunteers at a Food Pantry meeting in March. 

The food pantry process has what we call “personal shopping”. People use a shopping cart to choose personally the groceries for their family’s size and needs. They are escorted through the pantry with the help of a volunteer. The personal shopping has been well received by the people, who enjoy choosing their own groceries. The volunteers like this procedure because it gives them more time to get to know the needs of our families.

The most convenient door is now available for you to exit with your food to your car.  Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, and the work of Jeff Dittl, we have a new porch and new steps.






"We are a proud funded partner of United Way of the Valley and greater Utica area."

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A WIC Clinic is held on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Foothills site. 
                                                          Click here for WIC information.

Information and Referral Numbers:

First Call For Help:  315-624-9211, 1-877-406-9211. This agency can put you in contact with many other non-profit agencies with free services in time of need.

YWCA 24 Hour Hot Line: 315-797-7740  Confidential counseling for domestic violence, rape, and abuse.

Foothills Rural Community Ministry:  315-865-5854  General referrals for various services.  Leave your name and phone number.

Medicaid and Children’ Insurance: Oneida County DSS: 315-798-5632 (Utica) or 315-356-1318 (Rome)

Food Stamps: call Alice Webster 1-866-839-7304 x249 at the CNY Food Bank, or 315-437-1899 x249.


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Bonnie Churcher,
Sep 16, 2012, 6:46 PM
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